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How to Join LSMC - Information about how to join Loughborough Students Mountaineering Club

LSMC - The Basics - What you can expect from Loughborough Students Mountaineering Club

Club Photo 2013 Official - The official club photo (Large File)

Club Photo 2013 Fun - The fun club photo (Large File)

Freshers' Grip 2012 - PDF version of the 2012 Freshers GRIP

Annual Dinner Grip 2013 - PDF version of the 2013 Annual Dinner GRIP

Old GRIPS - List of the old GRIPS we currently have digital versions of

Equipment Check List - A handy check list for equipment, whether your heading out on a meet or just going climbing for the day.

New Members FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions for New Members.

Kit for Freshers Trips - Essential and recommended kit to be taken on the Freshers Day and Weekend Trips.

Local Climbing - Link to website detailing all local outdoor climbing venues.